Victim's eye blinks key to Ohio murder trial

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By LISA CORNWELL, Associated Press

CINCINNATI (AP) — Jurors have wrapped up initial deliberations without reaching a verdict in an Ohio murder case hinging on whether a dying, paralyzed man identified his shooter by blinking his eyes.

Jurors deliberated for a couple hours Tuesday afternoon before stopping for the day. They were expected to resume discussions Wednesday.

The prosecution and defense completed closing arguments earlier Tuesday in the trial of 35-year-old Ricardo Woods. He is accused of fatally shooting David Chandler in 2010.

Prosecutors told jurors that Chandler clearly identified Woods by blinking his eyes in a video interview with police that jurors saw during the trial.

Chandler was paralyzed and unable to speak. Police said he blinked three times for "yes" to identify Woods' photo.

The defense attorney said Chandler's physical condition and the medication he was taking made his blinking inconsistent and unreliable.

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