Judge: Manson disciple can't keep tapes from LAPD

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By DANNY ROBBINS, Associated Press

DALLAS (AP) — A federal judge in Texas says the Los Angeles Police Department should be able to obtain decades-old taped conversations between Manson family disciple Charles "Tex" Watson and his then-attorney.

Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andrew Smith says detectives "are looking forward to getting these tapes and thoroughly analyzing their contents."

Smith says the LAPD is prepared to send detectives to Texas to get the tapes but will wait until a 30-day window for an appeal passes.

Watson's Fort Worth lawyer, Kelly Puls, says he will talk to Watson about appealing the ruling.

Judge Richard Schell affirmed a bankruptcy court decision in ruling Sunday that the key figure in the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders waived his right to attorney-client privilege when he allowed the lawyer to sell the tapes to an author.

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