Engineer: Stove brand in day care fire problematic

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By JUAN A. LOZANO, Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) — An engineering expert says the brand of stove at the center of a fire in a Texas home day care that killed four children and injured three others is known to be problematic.

Jessica Tata is on trial for murder in the deaths of one of those children. Investigators say the blaze at Tata's home began after she left an oil-filled pan on a stove burner and went to a store.

Forensic engineer Richard Bonyata (buhn-YAH--tuh) said Tuesday that other stoves of the same brand had problems such as igniting themselves or unexpectedly jumping from low to high burner heat.

An expert for the prosecution said last week he found no problems with Tata's stove. Testimony is on hold until Wednesday to give the prosecution time to recall their expert.

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