LA stoplights synchronized but road war endures

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By JOHN ROGERS, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — It seems the impossible has occurred: The nation's most congested city has become a model for traffic control.

Gridlock still prevails and drivers' blood pressure still spikes as LA's traffic arteries seize up during morning and afternoon rush hours.

Yet, with the flip of a switch earlier this year, Los Angeles became a worldwide leader by synchronizing all of its nearly 4,400 stoplights. It is the first major city to do so.

The result: Drive times have been reduced by 12 percent across major LA traffic corridors.

During rush hour, however, it's still hell to cross the City of the Angels by car.

The problem, according to traffic officials is this: Synchronization only works well when the streets aren't so clogged with cars as to make them almost impassable.

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