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Study: Women Absent From Tech Company Boardrooms, Too

SAN FRANCISCO - To say that Silicon Valley tech firms merely lag other industries on board diversity misses the point. It's the scale of the shortfall that matters. New data, reported in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, shows that large, public Silicon Valley companies are about half as likely to have a woman on the board as top-performing public companies overall. Mountain View law firm Fenwick & West LLP compared the S&P 100 Index and the SV 150 list of the Valley's biggest public companies (measured by revenue) in tech and life sciences. They found that 98 percent of large public companies included in the S&P 100 Index now have at least one woman director. Only 56 percent of the 150 public tech and life science companies on the SV 150 can say the same. Eight companies — giants like Hewlett-Packard and Apple Inc. — are part of both of the S&P 100 and the SV 150.

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