GoldieBlox Ad Encourages Girls to Try Engineering

The building toy aims to inspire girls to think beyond pink and princesses.


Sterling doesn't think this clouds her message, however. "It's O.K. to be a princess," she told The New York Times. "We just think girls can build their own castles, too."

The Rube Goldberg machine in the commercial was designed by Brett Doar, an artist who works with machines. It took a team of designers and engineers three weeks to create it.

In other videos posted on YouTube, the pint-size stars of the commercial – Raven, 8; Sabrina, 7; and Reese, 6 – walk viewers through the set-up. "It's something that does something very simple in a very complicated way," says Sabrina, explaining what a Rube Goldberg is as adults arrange toys around her.

Though some viewers have criticized GoldieBlox for hiring a mostly male crew to create the complex contraption, others point out that the bottom line is girls are getting excited about the product – and the possibilities.

"I've been so excited to watch this wave," Rachel Sklar, co-founder of, a digital media company for women, told The New York Times. "It really does highlight that this gap is not that little girls aren't interested in it, it really is a function of 'you can't be what you can't see.'"

Corrected on : This article was updated on 12/6/13 to include news about GoldieBlox's lawsuit against the Beastie Boys and other developments.

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