STEM Roundup: Fastest-Growing Jobs Are in STEM

A new survey finds that engineers, software developers and data scientists are in high demand.

Android and iOS developers are among the fastest-growing jobs out there.

Android and iOS developers are among the fastest-growing jobs out there.

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Survey: Fastest-Growing Jobs Are in STEM

A study by job-matching service TheLadders revealed that the fastest-growing jobs are in the tech sector, replacing those in middle management as the positions employers are trying to fill most. Of the fastest growing job titles over the last five years, seven of the top 10 are technology positions that necessitate specific technical skills for developing software and mining data. Further, four of the seven fastest-growing technology jobs — DevOps engineer, iOS developer, data scientist and Android developer — did not even exist on TheLadders five years ago. According to the study, those jobs require deep educational qualifications and specific skills in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics rather than managerial skills.

Facebook Sets Up Academy for Open-Source Coding

SAN FRANCISCO - To help computer science students prepare for jobs -- and boost its own recruiting -- Facebook has publicly launched Open Academy, a partnership with premier tech universities which sets up a special class where students get college credit for contributing to open-source projects. After a successful pilot at Stanford last year, Open Academy is expanding to 22 schools nationwide. Students at Open Academy are paired with mentors and an open-source project to which they’ll add code. At the start of the semester, all the mentors and students come to Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters for an intensive kick-off weekend. Then they work in virtual teams from their schools. Mentors teach students about open source, review students’ code and may also give lectures, Techcrunch reported.

AT&T to Give $1.6M to NYC Schools for Tech Classes

NEW YORK - Telecom giant AT&T will donate $1.6 million for New York City schools to fund computer coding classes and internships for about 1,200 students at a dozen city schools, the New York Daily News reported. AT&T’s contribution to the Fund for Public Schools builds on the city’s recent efforts to promote software-engineering education in city schools. It will also support new enrichment programs, paid summer internships and other academic activities such as digital boot camps. Bloomberg said AT&T’s gift is the latest development in the city’s effort to remake public education to better prepare students for the global, digital economy of the future.

Universities to Congress: Sequester is Hurting STEM Research

WASHINGTON - The deep federal budget cuts known as the sequester has clouded the future of laboratories and research at public universities and the scientists who staff them. University presidents this week urged Congress to roll back the cuts so that federally sponsored research can resume at a normal pace, the Washington Post reported . About $30 billion a year flows from the federal government to universities for research and development. The sequester is likely to shrink that funding by more than $1 billion. But university advocates say the sequester’s full effect on federal research funding is unknown.

Universities Gt $37.8M Grant for Data Research

SEATTLE - The University of Washington, along with a consortium that includes the University of California, Berkeley, and New York University, has secured a five-year, $37.8 million grant to explore new ways to use data to transform fields such as astrophysics, genetics and economics, Geekwire reported. The money is being provided by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. “All across our campus, the process of discovery will increasingly rely on researchers’ ability to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data,” said UW project lead Ed Lazowska, a professor of computer science and engineering and director of the eScience Institute. “To remain at the forefront, the UW must be a leader in advancing the methodologies of data science and putting them to work in the broadest imaginable range of fields.” The funds will allow JUW to hire new researchers, including five data scientists who will work with various departments across campus to figure out new techniques to mine the data they are producing. The funds also will support four post doctoral data science fellows.

Corrected, 11/22/13: An earlier version of this article referenced data from a survey by TheLadders. The data came from a study.

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