3 jurors picked for Sandusky child sex abuse trial

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky
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Of the first group of 40 to be questioned Tuesday morning, Cleland dismissed five for medical reasons or vacation plans.

Looking worn out and concerned, Sandusky didn't say anything during that phase of jury selection, in contrast to the polite "good mornings" exchanged by attorneys to potential jurors.

Cleland said he hoped to get through all the potential jurors on Tuesday, but that prospect appeared highly unlikely.

Some of the alleged victims are expected to testify during the trial, the opening of which is likely to begin on Monday morning. Cleland said the trial may last three weeks.

Prosecutors have claimed that Sandusky groomed boys he met through the charity he founded for at-risk youth in 1977, then attacked them, in some cases in his own home or inside university athletic facilities.

Among the challenges for jury selection are the extraordinarily heavy news coverage of the scandal and the wide reach of The Second Mile.

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