Boston's Valentine laughs off Guillen profanity

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By RONALD BLUM, Associated Press

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine laughed off Miami Marlins counterpart Ozzie Guillen's profane reference toward him, saying: "Isn't that his standard comment on everything?"

Guillen was ejected from Monday's spring training game against Boston for arguing a foul call, and Valentine waved goodbye a couple of times. After the game Guillen said he would have uttered a profanity at Valentine had he seen the gesture.

Informed of Guillen's comment by Red Sox media relations director Pam Ganley, Valentine said before Wednesday night's exhibition against the New York Yankees: "Has he ever not said that about something?"

Famous for returning to the dugout wearing a fake mustache and sunglasses after being ejected from a game while managing the New York Mets in 1999, Valentine seemed surprised at the attention his hand motion brought about.

"I was kind of waving at Ozzie yesterday to get his attention and say goodbye: See you in Miami," Valentine said. "It became a big thing. In spring training."

Guillen later posted on Twitter about Valentine, an accomplished ballroom dancer.

"i have a lot respect for bobby v is good for this game we are ready to kick some butt crazy guy love crazy guyslol," Guillen wrote.

He then added: "dancing whit the star i will beat bobby v easy i got the salsa merengue bachata tango named lol lol lol my hips are ready lol. ... bobby v is in shape i have to workout lol lol."

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