7 Groups With Reason to Protest

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(AP Photo/ Richard Shiro)

Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement have declared themselves “the 99 percent” and turned their wrath onto the remaining one percent of wealthy Americans, particularly corporate leaders and the financial sector. Though there are plenty of high-income people within America’s lower 99 percent of earners, the United States does have steep (and growing) income inequality. After weeks of the protest that has its home in a New York City park but has launched copycat rallies in other cities, conservatives launched “We Are the 53 Percent,” a Tumblr blog that mocks the protesters and criticizes the roughly 46 percent of Americans who pay no federal income tax. Varying forms of inequality pervade the American economy, whether people are underrepresented, underpaid, or just suffering disproportionately. Here are a few more groups with reason to join Occupy Wall Street on the front lines of protest.

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