10 Republicans Who Could Replace Michael Steele



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Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele has had more political comebacks than Bill Clinton, ducking calls for his head over verbal gaffes and spending issues. Each time, he seems to come back stronger in the eyes of his aides. But soon he'll have to decide if he wants to run for reelection in January or retire, something he's not expected to do.

In the meantime, several prominent Republicans like former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman have indicated they'd like to replace him, and sooner than January if needed. While Coleman appears to have some support for the job, there are many others who top Republicans would like to see in the post. And we should tell you that several Republican officials told us that since they don't expect Steele to step down or withdraw from reelection, that it wasn't worth speculating on who would replace him. Whispers has compiled the top 10 list of those on Republican ballot cards.

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