Sacred Places: Reader Responses

A sampling of e-mails in response to our call for locales spiritually meaningful to our readers.


Bill Mccullough

Matawan, N.J.  

Nov. 19:

My sacred place is within my own heart. That is where I experience God within me. No one can take this sanctuary from me. The doors are never locked. The deeper my longing to feel this inner place, the easier my access becomes. This sacred, quiet, joyful, peaceful home is always available inside me.

Edd Hanzelik

Calabasas, Calif.  

I realize that there are more sacred places than your magazine could list, but at least the great temple and tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah, should be mentioned. This building is an achievement of the past 200 years that stands witness to the divinity of Jesus Christ and testimony of the fullness of his Gospel. Anyone can tour the inside of the temple before it is dedicated and feel the power of God.

Jerry Ferguson

Alamogordo, N.M.

My most sacred place was my 19-year-old granddaughter's hospital room where she was dying from cancer. A Catholic priest noticed it first when my granddaughter woke up once and looked around and said, "I love all you guys." The priest said at the moment he could feel the presence of God (Shekinah) in the room. The love that poured out of that room was incredible. The buzz in the hospital was: "What's happening in Room 633?" All her friends noticed it as well as my rabbi friend. My Methodist pastor even changed his sermon that Sunday to read "In Room 633." It didn't matter whether you were Catholic, Jew, or Protestant. God's presence in that room moved all of us to be drawn like a magnet to my granddaughter because of her love for others. I have been so moved by that event that as a lay preacher I have mentioned it several times in my sermons. I have been to most of the holy sites in Israel, but my granddaughter's hospital room was my most sacred place.

Robert F. Campbell

Bellaire, Ohio