Clinton: Ideologues reliable GOP voters

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By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press

DALE CITY, Va. (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton is warning fellow Democrats that conservative ideologues are reliable voters who could threaten his friend Terry McAuliffe's chances of becoming governor of Virginia.

Clinton joined McAuliffe Sunday for joint events and warned voters that Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli is trying to energize his conservative base by using wedge issues such as abortion rights.

Clinton says the tactics certainly will fire people up and get them to the polling locations. But he says Democrats cannot relent and must "drag" their friends with them to the polls on Nov. 5.

Cuccinelli's campaign released a memo criticizing Clinton and McAuliffe's longtime friendship, reminding voters of controversies that occurred during Clinton's two terms in the White House. The Cuccinelli campaign says, quote, "Virginia neither needs nor deserves the McAuliffe-Clinton baggage."

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