National GOP slow to embrace Mass. moderate Gomez

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By STEVE PEOPLES, Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez's credentials appear to fit the gold standard for the new breed of mass-appeal Republican that the GOP is looking for.

Yet the national party and its most powerful allies have been reluctant to rally behind the fresh-faced Republican with the all-star resume, raising questions about the GOP's commitment to candidates who might help improve its standing among women and minorities.

A former Navy SEAL turned businessman, Gomez speaks Spanish, supports immigration reform and is moderate on social issues — positions the Republican National Committee recently said are key to GOP growth.

But California-based Republican donor John Jordan says the GOP establishment has abandoned Gomez. He's committing $1.3 million to a pro-Gomez super PAC.

Democrat Ed Markey and his allies have dramatically outspent Gomez and supporters.

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