Republican divisions may hinder party's momentum

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By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — A string of unrelated events are highlighting divisions among Republicans just when they'd like to show a united front to exploit the White House's latest political problems.

Tensions between libertarian-leaning and more mainstream Republicans were on vivid display Tuesday.

Sens. Rand Paul and John McCain clashed over Apple Inc.'s tax-avoidance strategies.

Meanwhile, an immigration plan that's backed by the White House and many establishment Republicans appears closer to a showdown with wary House conservatives.

And Oklahoma's deadly tornado threatened to reopen a painful intra-GOP debate over the wisdom of borrowing money to help storm victims.

All political parties have their divisions, of course. It's possible the controversies dogging the White House will play a much bigger role in next year's elections than will these Republican disagreements.

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