Clinton: GOP Has Tried to Keep Jobless Rate High


Former President Bill Clinton greets singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen at a campaign event for President Barack Obama Thursday in Parma, Ohio.

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By JULIE PACE, Associated Press

PARMA, Ohio (AP) — Former President Bill Clinton says Republicans have tried to keep the nation's unemployment rate high for political gain.

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Campaigning in Ohio for President Barack Obama, Clinton says the GOP was "crushed" when the jobless rate fell to 7.8 percent last month. He says Republicans nearly managed to keep it above 8 percent "all the way to the election. But they failed."

Clinton didn't say specifically what he thought Republicans had done to try to keep unemployment above 8 percent.

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The former president also criticized some Republicans who suggested the most recent unemployment figures were rigged. When the unemployment rate was higher, Clinton says Republicans considered it like "Scripture."

He spoke at a campaign appearance with rocker Bruce Springsteen.

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