Veteran House Dems Gear Up for Competitive Races

Lois Capps
Associated Press + More

Some of the longtime members most affected by redistricting in 2012 are regular targets. In Utah, Matheson was already girding for a tough race when the GOP-controlled Utah Legislature carved up his new district, making it even more conservative. The same is true for Barrow, already under pressure as the last white Southern Democrat in the House, who has seen more Republicans added to his district this year. Both Matheson and Barrow have raised more than $1 million to fight for their seats.

In Iowa, longtime Rep. Leonard Boswell, first elected in 1996, was drawn into a district that includes more Republicans and faces a top-flight challenge from another incumbent congressman, Republican Rep. Tom Latham. Boswell has raised nearly $1 million for the race.

Rep. Jim Costa, one of Capps' California colleagues, has prepared for a potentially tougher race by raising more than $800,000.

Capps has not faced such opposition since her first election to a full House term in 2000. She said she's kept her operation well-tuned over the years even with minimal challenges to her seat.

"It's what you have to do to run a good campaign," she said.

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