GOP Ties Obama to NH Student Debt

Barack Obama
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Obama, Romney and lawmakers of both parties say they want to protect college students from a sharp increase in interest rates on federal subsidized loans. But proposals to keep the rates from doubling on July 1 have become stuck in election-year wrangling over how to pay for the $6 billion cost.

Though Biden didn't talk about student loans in New Hampshire, he and Obama have been traveling to college campuses in key battleground states in recent months to talk up the issue.

In Colorado, where Obama has visited three campuses in the past year, the conservative group Compass Colorado has countered his speeches about student loans with a radio ad in which an actor portraying a recent college graduate refuses to attend an Obama rally on campus because she blames the president for her student loan debt and her joblessness.

Raso, the Southern New Hampshire University student, said he likely will vote for Obama in November, though he does worry about getting a job in his chosen field — graphic design — when he graduates.

"This summer, I've applied at over 30 places and only gotten one interview," he said. "It is kind of worrying me."


Associated Press writer Kristen Wyatt in Denver contributed to this report.

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