Report: Media Saw Romney as Nominee Post-Michigan

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— Gingrich's only period of sustained positive coverage came in the week of his victory in the South Carolina primary Jan. 21. After his poor debate performances the following week and a loss to Romney in Florida on Jan. 31, coverage of the former House speaker went back into negative territory and never really recovered.

— Paul received the most positive coverage, but also the least amount of coverage. Only 7 percent of stories featured the Texas congressman as a significant newsmaker, compared with 59 percent for Romney, 31 percent for Santorum and 30 percent for Gingrich.

— Obama did not enjoy a single week of coverage that was more positive than negative. The negative coverage was driven by several factors, including the sustained attacks against him by the Republican field, a spike in gas prices, the uncertain pace of economic recovery and the Supreme Court challenge to his health law.


AP deputy director of polling Jennifer Agiesta in Washington contributed to this story.


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