Obama on Brink of Democratic Nomination

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Republicans have a different view, now that Obama has a record to run on.

"He was a blank slate four years ago, and people projected onto that blank slate their hopes for the future," said John Ryder, a member of the Republican National Committee from Tennessee. "Now we've got a record. How'd that work out for you?"

Berman, who is not with the Obama campaign this year, said Obama may not be able to recapture the same magic he had in 2008, but he still has plenty of advantages.

"He can't have what he had the first time," Berman said in an interview. "But it's not like he lost everything. They know where their people are, they just have to figure out how to motivate them."


Associated Press writer Rochelle Hines in Oklahoma City, Okla., contributed to this report.

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