Obama's Post State of the Union Campaign

Within 24 hours of his address to the nation Obama was on the road pushing his proposals.

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Congressional Republicans launched an attack on Obama for supposedly giving short shrift to the war on terrorism. GOP critics were outraged, for example, that Obama devoted only a few minutes of his 71-minute address to national security. "One of the biggest headlines from last night's speech is what the president did not say: a single word about the botched interrogation of the Christmas bomber and [Obama's] quest to provide foreign terrorists with the same legal rights as the Americans they target," said Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

For their part, Democratic operatives were eager to return fire. "The Republicans are standing with special interests to block healthcare and standing in the way of regulatory reform," says a Democratic strategist. "We need to draw clear lines to sharpen the distinctions about what they stand for and what we stand for." The continued sniping showed how far away bipartisanship truly is.

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