Answers: First Lady Michelle Obama

Test your knowledge of Michelle Obama.

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1. When is Michelle Obama's birthday?

C. Jan. 17, 1964

2. What is her middle name?

D. LaVaughn

3. From what school did she receive her law degree in 1988?

B. Harvard

4. Which current White House aide worked for Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and brought Michelle Obama on board in 1991?

C. Valerie Jarrett

5. True or false: When she is not wearing heels, Michelle Obama is slightly taller than her husband.

False. He is 21/2 inches taller.

6. What was the name of her father?

A. Fraser

7. In what year were the Obamas married?

C. 1992

8. At what university does her brother, Craig Robinson, coach basketball?

A. Oregon State

9. Who designed the lemongrass-yellow dress and overcoat she wore to her husband's inauguration ceremony?

B. Isabel Toledo

10. True or false: Michelle Obama has never written any books that were published.