Quiz: Air Force One

How much do you know about the president's plane?

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  1. Which president's primary aircraft was nicknamed the "Sacred Cow"?
  2. Lyndon Johnson was the only president sworn in on Air Force One. That famous plane was best known by its tail number, SAM 26000. What kind of plane was it?
  3. True or false: Today’s Air Force One can travel all the way from Washington to Tokyo without stopping to refuel.
  4. Which president was the first to call his plane Air Force One?
  5. How many people can the current Air Force One hold?
  6. Air Force One stores enough food to serve everyone on board three full meals a day for how long?
  7. How much floor space is available on Air Force One?
  8. What is the Secret Service code name for Air Force One?
  9. True or false: Air Force One contains a special escape pod in case the aircraft is fired upon or attacked while in flight.
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