Gaza Strip Death Toll Eclipses 500

By | Jul 21, 2014

The civilian death toll as a result of rising tensions on the Gaza Strip escalated this weekend, leaving more than 100 Palestinians dead, according to the BBC. Thirteen Israeli soldiers were also killed, including two Americans fighting for the Israeli army.

For more than a week, Israeli forces and ...

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Western Wildfires Run Rampant, Residents Evacuate

By | Jul 18, 2014

Carlton Complex wildfire flames demolished about 100 homes in Washington state's Methow Valley on Thursday and had lit up 260 square miles by Friday morning.   

Pateros, a town of about 650 people, was evacuated late Thursday along with a hospital in the neighboring town of Brewster, according to 

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Congress Confronts CDC About Recent Mishaps

By | Jul 16, 2014

The director of the Center of Disease Control stood before Congress on Wednesday to address the agency’s recent mishaps, including the mishandling of anthrax and avian influenza, which have pushed lawmakers over the edge after years of lab safety issues.

Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., chairman of a ...

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Casualties Climb in Moscow Subway Derailment

By | Jul 15, 2014

A Moscow subway train derailed Tuesday morning, killing more than a dozen people and wounding more than a hundred others, officials said. 

Reports vary as investigations continue, but the state-run news agency ITAR-Tass said the death toll has climbed to 20 people. As many as 129 people were ...

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Hamas Rejects Proposed Cease-Fire With Israel

By | Jul 15, 2014

Israel launched a fresh round of airstrikes at the Gaza region Tuesday after cease-fire negotiations – and a short-lived lull in Israeli fire – devolved.

Hamas militant officials rejected an Egypt-brokered cease-fire proposal Tuesday that would have ended Israel’s weeklong offensive against ...

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Six Flags Coaster Careens Off Track

By | Jul 8, 2014

A fallen tree branch over a roller coaster track derailed almost two dozen guests Monday night at Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park near Los Angeles, leaving riders hanging dozens of feet in the air for nearly three hours.

Four were injured and two were sent to the hospital, according to CNN.

A ...

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