Tropical Storms Dorian, Flossie Are Weakening

Tropical storms Dorian and Flossie are still moving, but are not expected to turn into hurricanes.


Tropical Storm Dorian could reach the Caribbean Islands by next week but will be struggling to maintain strength.


Two tropical storms that formed earlier this week continue on their paths toward the Caribbean Islands and Hawaii, but will likely dissipate before becoming hurricanes.

Forecasters project that Tropical Storm Dorian will reach the Caribbean Islands by next week but will be struggling to maintain its strength. As of Friday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center reported that the storm was continuing to move west toward the islands and had maximum sustained wind speeds of 50 mph.

The Weather Channel reported that some factors may cause Dorian to weaken as it approaches the Caribbean. The storm is fighting "dry, stable air" from both directions. Additionally, cross winds may affect the storm as it passes north of the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

"It is possible these two hostile factors may weaken Dorian such that it degenerates to either a tropical depression or tropical wave anytime in the coming days," the Weather Channel reported.

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While forecasters say it is still too soon to determine whether the storm will reach the United States, any threat would be low.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Flossie is still on its path towards Hawaii, where it is expected to bring stormy conditions by Tuesday. The National Hurricane Center reports that the storm currently has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph, up from 40 mph earlier this week.

But The Weather Channel reports that Flossie will also face conditions, such as increased wind shear and cooler water, that may cause a downgrade in its storm status. By the time it reaches Hawaii, there may be increased showers and higher swells.

"The bottom line is that Flossie is expected to be only a weak tropical storm, tropical depression, or remnant by the time it reaches the Hawaiian Islands Monday and Tuesday," The Weather Channel reported.

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