VIDEO: Man Wrestles Shark, Wins

A man fishing off a Nantucket pulled in a seven-foot brown shark with his bare hands.

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A man fishing on a beach near Boston hooked a seven-foot shark, wrestled the beast onto the sand, and managed to do it all on video.

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Elliot Sudal, 24, was fishing for bluefish on a beach in Nantucket, Mass., Sunday when he began reeling in suspicious catches.

"(The bluefish) were cut in half, yea you could tell that clearly a shark had bitten it, there was like a crescent moon," Sudal told CBS Boston. "Like your stereotypical, what a shark bite looks like."

So Sudal fetched a larger, sturdier fishing rod out of his car, put a half-eaten fish on the hook, and cast again. His next bite was bigger than any bluefish.


On the other end was a brown shark, about seven feet in length, which Sudal began to reel in. After about 45 minutes of fighting, the shark was in ankle deep water. Sudal then started wrestling the shark out of the water and onto the beach for a photo op.

Some have raised concerns over how he treated the shark. But Sudal, who's fished for sharks in Florida, says he doesn't hurt them.

"I'm very conservation-minded when it comes to that, I just let them go," says Sudal. "They swim off just fine."

Sudal only recently began fishing in Nantucket, but he estimates he's caught some 100 sharks in the past year. Most of those were hooked in Florida, where he says he caught and released as many as five a day.

But after showing his boss pictures of Sunday's catch, he suggested Sudal send a few to the local newspaper. The videos and picture have gone viral worldwide ever since.

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