Susan Hendricks leaves a hearing at the Pickens County Law Enforcement Center in Pickens, S.C., Oct. 25, 2011.

S.C. Mom Susan Hendricks Slaughtered Family After Praying With Them, Records Suggest

Admitted killer: 'I know it sounds pretty fricking bizarre, but we pray[ed] a lot as a family.'

Susan Hendricks leaves a hearing at the Pickens County Law Enforcement Center in Pickens, S.C., Oct. 25, 2011.
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Before murdering four family members on Oct. 14, 2011, South Carolina resident Susan Hendricks prayed with them, according to statements she gave police immediately after the slayings.

"I know it sounds pretty fricking bizarre, but we pray a lot as a family," she said, according to The Associated Press, which first reported the documents Monday.

It's impossible to know if Hendricks told police the truth about praying. Hendricks admitted in April that she initially misled police about the crimes when she pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the murders, in a plea deal that earned her life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The 49-year-old woman killed her sons Matthew, 23, and Marshall, 20, as well as her ex-husband and next-door-neighbor Mark Hendricks, 52, and her stepmother Linda Burns, 64.

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Her elder son was found in his bed with a single gunshot wound, but her younger son attempted to flee - he pushed past her in a hallway, but was shot a fourth time and died on the family's front porch. Hendricks' stepmother died in her bed and her ex-husband was gunned down on a couch.

After the shooting spree in Liberty, S.C., the culprit casually told her sister during a telephone conversation that her son Matthew killed himself. The sister called police.

Hendricks initially accused her son Matthew of killing the family, saying he wrote her a goodbye note before the killings. The note was written by Matthew, handwriting experts said, but investigators believed it was written earlier. That story fell apart as it became clear that the family had a turbulent relationship.

Earlier this year Hendricks, who claimed to have multiple personalities, admitted she murdered her family members so she could collect $700,000 in life insurance policies.

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The 2011 mass murder wasn't the first time Hendricks killed someone with a gun. In April 2006 she shot and killed Doyle O'Brian Teague, 39, after he supposedly entered her trailer without permission. She claimed self-defense and was not charged with a crime. It's technically still possible for her to be charged with murder in that case.

"Hendricks told the deputy that Teague had stepped inside her home without permission," WISTV reported in 2006. "The deputy says in his report that Hendricks was on the porch with a revolver when he arrived at her house. The report says four spent rounds and one live round were found in the cylinder of the gun."

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