Eric Justin Toth, 31, is presented to the press by the police of Nicaragua, April 22, 2013.

Eric Justin Toth, Alleged Child Pornographer and FBI 'Most Wanted' Fugitive, Caught in Nicaragua

D.C. private school teacher evaded arrest for almost five years.

Eric Justin Toth, 31, is presented to the press by the police of Nicaragua, April 22, 2013.
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A former Washington, D.C., elementary school teacher was arrested in Nicaragua Saturday after almost five years of evading arrest for child pornography charges.

Eric Justin Toth was listed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on its "Ten Most Wanted" list since April 2012. The FBI offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to his capture, but initial media reports do not mention possible winners of the prize money.

In June 2008 a fellow teacher found the illegal images of a young boy on a school camera in Toth's possession, the Washington Post reported at the time. Toth fled after he was escorted off school grounds.

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The FBI believed that he drove to his parent's house in Indiana, and then to Minnesota, where his car was found at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The FBI believes he lived in Arizona in 2009.

According to the FBI's wanted advertisement, there are warrants for Toth's arrest in Maryland and D.C. for possessing and producing child pornography. He is also accused of secretly videotaping his third-grade students in a bathroom.

Toth taught at Beauvoir, a private school near the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., that currently charges $31,250 annual tuition for pre-kindergarten to third grade education, beginning in 2005.

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"Toth may advertise online as a tutor or male nanny," the FBI cautioned the public during his years at-large. Toth attended Cornell University for a year and transferred to Purdue University, where he graduated with a degree in education.

Nicaraguan National Police Chief Aminta Granera said that Toth was living in the country illegally and would be deported to the U.S, UPI reported Tuesday. According to the police, he lived in the country since at least February and used the pseudonym Robert Shaw Walker. He was arrested Saturday near the border with Honduras, Granera said.

UPI reported that Toth, citing Granera, "was handed over to the FBI and U.S. Embassy officials in Managua for immediate deportation to the United States."

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