Boston Bombing Investigation Becomes Marathon of Its Own

Press frenzy over Saudi man goes belly-up; investigators mum on other leads.

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As of Wednesday morning there are no arrests and no named suspects tied to the Monday explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

FBI officials have reportedly cleared a Saudi man who was earlier described as a prime suspect in some news reports. Investigators removed items from the 20-year-old man's apartment in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. He was wounded during the bomb blasts.

"He was never categorized as a suspect; he was a person of interest. My understanding is that he totally cooperated and that he is no longer a person of interest," said U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., after a two-hour Senate Intelligence Committee meeting with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Tuesday afternoon, Foreign Policy reports.

Chambliss said he was not aware of any other persons of interest in the case.

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A Saudi official told the Washington Post that the injured Saudi man "is fully cooperating with authorities." U.S. law enforcement sources confirmed to the Post that the man is now considered a witness, not a suspect. Nail Al-Jubeir, a spokesman for the Saudi embassy, told the Boston Globe that as early as Monday night U.S. law enforcement told the embassy that the man was not a suspect.

"I think it will take time and we need to be patient," said U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif, the chair of the intelligence committee, after the meeting.

The FBI, which assumed control of the investigation Monday night, is reassembling the remains of the two bombs at its lab in Quantico, Va. Investigators said Tuesday the bombs may have been contained within pressure cookers. Photos released Tuesday show twisted metal, a battery and wires. Black nylon was also recovered, suggesting the bombs were concealed in bags.

The two bombs that exploded around 2:50 p.m. EDT Monday contained ball bearings and nails, according to investigators. Three people died and 176 were wounded - including several people who lost limbs.

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Victims who died were identified as Krystle Campbell, 29, and 8-year-old Martin Richard. A Chinese citizen studying at Boston University was also killed, Reuters reports, but her family requested that her name not be released.

In a Tuesday statement to the press outside her Medford, Mass., home Campbell's mother said, according to audio uploaded by NPR: "Krystle Marie, she was a wonderful person. Everybody that knew her loved her. She loved her dogs. ... She had a heart of gold. She was always smiling. You couldn't ask for a better daughter. I can't believe this has happened. ... This doesn't make any sense."

The Boston Globe reports that more than 100 investigators are combing the area around the crime scene. Local Jewish institutions are also receiving heightened attention by police, the paper reports. President Barack Obama is scheduled to arrive in Boston Thursday for an 11 a.m. memorial service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

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