NYPD Officer Kills Boyfriend, Baby, Then Self

Policewoman reportedly showed no signs of instability before going berserk.


Protect and serve gave way to murder and disturb Monday morning in Brooklyn.

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A New York City policewoman murdered her boyfriend and 1-year-old baby boy before killing herself Monday morning, police say.

Rosette Samuel, 43, reportedly argued with her boyfriend before shooting him. His body was found in a front hallway in their Brooklyn home. The bodies of Samuel and her young son were found on a bed.

It's not immediately clear what the argument was about, and the name of the man who died was not released. Police did not find a suicide note.

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Samuel's 19-year-old son jumped out of his bedroom window after hearing gunshots, according to news reports. The New York Daily News reports that he fled wearing boxers and a windbreaker.

Samuel was employed by the NYPD for 13 years, and there was no evidence of mental health issues in her records, The New York Times reports. "It was a tough crime scene," police department spokesman Paul Browne told The Times.

According to the Daily News, Samuel earned $97,064 in 2012. Several relatives lived nearby.

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"She was a very good girl," a man told the Daily News. "She always did good with her life," said the man, who identified himself as a cousin. "I didn't make trouble because of her."

The New York Post reports that police arrived at the crime scene around 8:30 a.m. "It's terrible," an 83-year-old woman who identified herself as Samuel's neighbor and aunt told the Post. "For people to take a life like that. Oh, Lord!"

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