(Screenshot/Twitter account @theoriginalwak)

Explosions Reported at Boston Marathon Finish Line

Blood pictured in photo of possible bomb attack.

(Screenshot/Twitter account @theoriginalwak)
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Explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon reportedly left “dozens” of people injured, according to the Boston Globe.

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Social media accounts shared photos of the explosions and the aftermath. There is no immediate word on what caused the explosions. The Boston Globe’s website was down immediately after the news broke, but has been issuing updates via Twitter.

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BREAKING NEWS: At least dozens of people have been seriously injured, a Globe staffer on the scene says.

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) April 15, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Two powerful explosions detonated in quick succession right next to the Boston Marathon finsh line this afternoon.

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) April 15, 2013

Explosion at coply twitter.com/Boston_to_a_T/…

— Boston to a T (@Boston_to_a_T) April 15, 2013

What the f-ck just happened?#bostonmarathon twitter.com/theoriginalwak…

— Tyler Wakstein (@theoriginalwak) April 15, 2013