Shannon Watterson and Robert Hohn face years behind bars if convicted.

Delaware Parents Get 'Time Out' in Jail After Allegedly Locking Boy in Room

Indictments for three-month lock-up of boy handed down after four months of lock-up for parents.

Shannon Watterson and Robert Hohn face years behind bars if convicted.
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Two Delaware adults are in trouble after allegedly forcing a 12-year-old boy to go to his room—and stay there—for three months.

A grand jury unveiled indictments Wednesday against Robert Hohn, 42, and Shannon Watterson, 40. The couple will be tried under a freshly enhanced child abuse statute, The News Journal reports.

"Anyone convicted of first-degree child abuse faces a maximum 25 years in jail," according to The News Journal. In addition to misdemeanors and a felony assault charge for Hohn, the couple was charged with three felonies each: first-degree child abuse, second-degree conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child.

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Hohn, the boy's father, and Watterson, his stepmother, were arrested November 28 after the boy arrived without shoes at a neighbor's home with bruises on his face. The boy said he was confined to the room and fed irregularly for three months. He was only allowed to leave the room to use a bathroom.

Three other children between the ages of 9 and 14 were living in the Newark, Del., home, but the parents are not charged with abusing them.

Local TV station ABC 6 reports that the couple has been in jail since November. Bail had been set at $282,500 in cash.

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