How Communists Operate: An Interview with J. Edgar Hoover

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation.


A A Communist is not always easy to identify. He is trained in deceit and uses cleverly camouflaged movements to conceal his real purposes. But he may frequently be detected by certain common characteristics. He will always espouse the cause of Soviet Russia over that of the United States. His viewpoint and position will shift with each change in the Communist Party "line." He will utilize a language of "double talk"—referring to the Soviet-dominated countries as "democracies" and complain that the United States is "imperialistic." He will attempt to infiltrate and gain control of organizations and subvert them to the use of the party.

My advice to the public is this:

Be alert to the dangers of Communism. Report your information immediately and fully to the FBI. Avoid reporting malicious gossip or idle rumor. The FBI is interested in receiving facts. Don't attempt to make private investigations. Leave that to trained investigators. Don't circulate rumors about subversive activities or draw conclusions from information you furnish to the FBI.