Quiz: November 22, 1963

How much do you know about John F. Kennedy's assassination?

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  1. What kind of car was John F. Kennedy riding in when he was assassinated?
  2. Which politician other than President Kennedy was shot on that day?
  3. Where was Lee Harvey Oswald arrested after the assassination?
  4. What color suit was Jackie Kennedy wearing the day of the assassination?
  5. True or false: Abraham Zapruder’s iconic footage of the assassination was filmed in black and white.
  6. After whom was the Warren Commission named?
  7. Prior to ascending to the Senate, who hatched the "single-bullet theory"?
  8. Who was the only person prosecuted in connection with the assassination?
  9. True or false: The Warren Commission Report stated that Oswald shot Kennedy from the grassy knoll.
  10. How many days after the Kennedy assassination was Oswald killed?
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