Quiz: 1930s Stimulus--FDR's New Deal

How much do you know about FDR's New Deal?

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  1. What was the U.S. unemployment rate when Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933?
  2. Which of the following agencies was not established as part of the New Deal?
  3. True or false: FDR struggled to persuade Congress to back many of the programs in the New Deal.
  4. What were the "three R's" of the New Deal?
  5. The National Recovery Administration was a signature New Deal program that allowed businesses to negotiate pay rates, work hours, and prices with the government. What led to its downfall?
  6. What was the iconic symbol of the National Recovery Administration?
  7. Which economist is often credited with coining the expression "a New Deal"?
  8. True or false: One goal of the New Deal was to fight staggering inflation.
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