The Beatles 50 Years Later
The members of The Beatles

What the Beatles Meant to America: 50 Years Later

Just a few months after JFK's assassination, British pop music sensation the Beatles brought comfort and fun back to America

How America Changed the Beatles

Their success in the U.S. changed their perception of themselves, one expert tells U.S. News

The Beatles' First U.S. Concert

Two days after their appearance on 'The Ed Sullivan Show,' the Fab Four took Washington, D.C., by storm with a concert at the Coliseum.

VIDEO: The Beatles on ‘Ed Sullivan’

The TV appearance drew a jaw-dropping 73 million viewers in 1964 and launched the Fab Four to fame in the U.S.

Album by Album: The Beatles Discography

A look at how the Beatles' music evolved, from their first album to their last.

The Women Behind the Beatles

The Beatles were as famous for their music as they were notorious for their wives, girlfriends and dalliances. Between the four of them, they had nine wives, 11 children and countless affairs.