'Fifty Shades' Reading is Not Always So Discreet

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When their chat rolled around to what she was reading, "In a quick panic I lied and said 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.' I wouldn't read this book without using my Kindle. It keeps me from having to talk to a stranger about spanking."

To heck with that, declares Patty Vonder Heide, 56, in suburban Chicago. She usually likes to read on her iPhone but chucked it in favor of hard copy for "Fifty Shades" when she found herself distracted by the constant page turns.

"I'll purchase the next book in print and will take it to the pool or beach this summer for sure," said the speech pathologist and mom of two grown children.

In Orlando, Fla., 25-year-old Laura Keesee has never been more thankful for her iPad as she read all three books nonstop. She's looking forward to re-reading without questions about why she's lugging around THOSE books again.

"Going into the bookstore and standing in line with the hard copies of the book, I would feel a little bashful," she said. "It's like standing in the grocery line buying condoms or tampons. Everyone knows what's going on."

Keesee's boyfriend teased her so much about her Grey obsession that she took to quickly flipping to a different app when he, or anybody else, got too close.

"I'm not usually a shy or bashful person. I told everyone I was reading the books. I got a few colleagues to start reading and we had full discussions in the office," she said. "But there's something about being in the moment and reading 'Fifty Shades' that you just want it to be your little indulgence."

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