Carol Browner: Congress Needs to Pass Energy and Climate Legislation

Obama’s top climate adviser says the United States is lagging behind China and India on clean energy.

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Carol Browner, the top climate adviser to President Obama, has been working steadily behind the scenes over the past year to push energy and climate legislation through Congress. "We need to have comprehensive legislation," she said recently, noting that countries like China and India have set clear and aggressive clean energy policies while the United States lags. Browner and the Obama administration see clean energy as a major potential source of jobs, a message they will no doubt be emphasizing in the months to come.

On March 24, Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy, joined U.S.News & World Report Editor Brian Kelly at the National Press Club for the National Issues Briefing, "Going Green: America's Cities and the Role of Government."