Hillary Clinton Has Emerged as a Vigorous Obama Booster on Campaign Trail

The New York senator has stumped for Obama in key swing states.

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Hillary Clinton isn't getting much national news coverage these days, but she appears to be following through on her pledge to help Barack Obama win the White House by campaigning aggressively for him across the country.

A review by U.S. News finds that she has stumped for Obama and other Democratic candidates in important swing states in recent weeks, including Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado.

On Sunday, Hillary and former President Bill Clinton campaigned with Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden in Scranton, Pa., where Biden spent part of his boyhood.

Her office has announced that she will attend tonight's presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York in solidarity with Obama and Biden.

Clinton says Obama, who defeated her for the Democratic presidential nomination, is "talking about what people are talking about," especially the economy, and offering "sensible solutions." Republican candidate John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin, Clinton says, are offering "the same old tired, failed Republican policies."

In an interview with CBS this week, she added that "Bill and I are trying to do everything we are asked to do." She predicted a "great victory on November 4" for Obama and Biden.