Obama Winning Women Voters, but Margin Slimmest Among Baby Boomers

New poll shows Obama with 12-point lead among all female respondents.

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One in five of those born in 1945 or earlier sees the increasing access to the Internet in U.S. homes as a negative. Roughly the same proportion views increasing racial diversity as a negative. Socially, they are more conservative. Forty-nine percent call the acceptance of homosexuals and same-sex marriage unfavorable. Only 26 percent call it favorable.

They too look to JFK as a political hero.

Setting aside the age of respondents, McCain leads narrowly among white women (46 percent to Obama's 44 percent) and significantly among evangelicals (58 percent to 33 percent).

Obama had the biggest margins among African-American women (91 percent to McCain's 3 percent) and among female college graduates with postgraduate study (64 percent to 29 percent).

On the issues, "pocketbook" concerns trump all others. Forty-three percent of women name the cost of living, healthcare, gas, and food as top concerns. Thirty-two percent identified foreign policy and national security issues and 28 percent cited energy policies.

The poll tapped 1,406 women during the first week in August. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, though larger for specific subgroups.