For Democrats, Relief That Clintons Have Ceded Spotlight to Obama

Staying out of the news could help Hillary's prospects as the vice presidential nominee.

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Democratic insiders are pleased that Hillary and Bill Clinton have stepped out of the spotlight since she conceded the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama several weeks ago.

Neither the former president nor the former first lady has been making much news lately as they cede media attention to Obama as their party's presumptive nominee. "It's good that they dropped out of the spotlight," says a former Hillary adviser. "It was the right thing to do"—because it allows the party to more easily unify behind Obama for the general election.

It also could have a beneficial effect on Senator Clinton's prospects to be Obama's vice presidential running mate. The more she and Bill seem to be team players, the more Obama might take kindly to choosing her as his No. 2, the former Hillary adviser says.

Still, Obama aides retain strong doubts that Bill, as a former president with strong policy ideas and simmering resentment over his wife's loss, would be fully loyal to Obama in the White House.