It's Not All in the Family for Some DNC Rules Committee Members

Don and Carole Fowler are married but one supports Clinton and the other supports Obama.

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What are your opinions on a "dream" Obama-Clinton ticket? Is this a politically viable idea that could help heal the so-called rift in the Democratic Party?

Carol: I think it's entirely up to Senator Obama who he picks as his vice presidential nominee. Very smart people are trying to figure that out and certainly trying to figure out if it should be Senator Clinton or anybody else. I'm not sure if that's even the strongest ticket you could create. Don: I agree with Carol, I just don't want to make a speculation about her. It's curious, and people are interested in talking about it. But to talk about it in a way that is's purely speculation.

How often do the two of you disagree on politics?

Carol: We are always together in November, and we frequently are together in the primaries. We frequently vote for the same candidate, but not always, but in general elections we always vote the same way. We argue much more about rules. Don: I think we disagree about some things other than nitty-gritty details, but we are both Democrats and we don't have disputes about that and we are always together November and we both believe in Santa Claus.

So will U.S. News be able to talk to you again after this hullabaloo in Washington is over?

Don: We're happy to talk to you after this weekend. Carol: If we're still married.

Don: If you know any divorce lawyers in Washington, tell them to be on alert Saturday.