Blog Buzz: Lots of Talk About Obama-Clinton, McCain's Health, Biden's Future, and McCain's Immigration Position...but Does It All Add Up to Anything?

Unity ticket? Maybe. McCain? Healthy. Biden: VP? McCain's immigration position: Changing?


Our daily look at stories and topics lighting up the Internets:

Disunity Ticket

Are the Obama and Clinton camps talking veep? Howard, son of wolf, says it ain't so, and Politico's Mike Allen gives a Lanny Davis-produced list of reasons why the Clintonites still don't like Barack. TPM's David Kurtz notes that Hillary Clinton's top fundraiser thinks that if she doesn't get a veep invite, her supporters might not show up in November. Andrew Sullivan is admittedly all over the place on an Obama-Clinton ticket but ultimately thinks it's a good idea. Marc Ambinder doesn't think the case is clear-cut either way. WashMo's ' Kevin Drum thinks the renewed "dream ticket" talk is "more heat than light." TNR's Michael Crowley agrees, describing it all as absurd kabuki that will not result in a unity ticket. Matthew Yglesias also doubts Clinton's interest. Hot Air's Ed Morrissey thinks it'll get resolved, possibly by mid-June.

McMedical Records

Andrew Sullivan thinks the conditions under which John McCain's medical records are being "released" are "absurd." TNR's Jonathan Cohn, at The Plank, wonders whether any of the reporters looking at the records have medical expertise. NRO's Jim Geraghty says that McCain's health is so good it can only be attributed to 1980s-era space aliens. WashPo's Chris Cillizza says that the medical record roll-out "is a study in political savvy."

Joementum on the Obama Ticket? No, the Other Joe!

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey labels as disingenuous Sen. Joe Biden's Wall Street Journal op-ed defending Obama on talks with Iran. WashMo's Kevin Drum thinks the article is a sign that Biden might make a good veep. So does Carpetbagger's Steve Benen. TWS's Dean Barnett doesn't think much of Biden's op-ed either, wondering whether it was an Obama-authorized foray or an "officious" freelance effort.

Is McCain Migrating With His Immigration Position (Again)?

Steve Benen thinks so, based on recent comments. NRO's Jim Geraghty got clarification from the McCain campaign, who said that—oops!—McCain's comments were poorly worded. But Hot Air's Ed Morrissey says McCain needs to do more to fix the problem.

—Robert Schlesinger