10 Things You Didn't Know About Charlie Crist

Crist is a potential vice presidential candidate.

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Sen. John McCain disclosed that he is in the "embryonic stages" of selecting a running mate, whom he hopes to introduce at the Republican National Convention. While he refused to disclose any names, McCain told reporters that the list is about 20 deep, and "it's every name imaginable." This is one of a series of profiles on the candidates we imagine might be on his list and some things you may not know about the maybe veeps. See the full list here.

Charlie Crist is the governor of Florida and is thought to be a possible running mate for McCain.

1. Charlie Crist was born July 24, 1956, in Altoona, Pa. His paternal ancestry is Greek—the family name of Christodoulos was shortened by his father. His mother, Nancy Lee, is Scots Irish.

2. Crist has an older sister, Margaret, and two younger sisters, Elizabeth and Catherine.

3. He was first introduced to politics when he was 10 years old, handing out leaflets in support of his father's Pinellas County School Board bid.

4. Crist attended Wake Forest University for two years before transferring to Florida State University—where he was elected both student body vice president and homecoming king. He graduated from FSU with a degree in government and attended the Cumberland School of Law in Alabama.

5. He was briefly married to Amanda Morrow; their marriage lasted less than a year.

6. After passing the Florida bar exam on his third attempt, Crist's first job out of law school was to be general counsel for Minor League Baseball.

7. His sponsorship of a law that revived prison laborers' wearing shackles led to the nickname "Chain Gang Charlie," which he later used in campaign ads.

8. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Crist stays in shape by rising early, swimming 20 laps in the pool, and doing 250 crunches. Fitness conscious, he usually eats just one meal a day. His favorite indulgence is wings, "kind of hot."

9. Crist is an avid boater and enjoys fishing with his father.

10. While known as a fiscal conservative and for being tough on crime, Crist is generally considered a moderate on social issues. In the past, he has supported limited stem-cell research and gay civil unions.

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