McCain's Potential Vice Presidential Candidates

McCain is in the process of selecting someone to join his ticket.

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Updated and corrected on 4/09/08: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a potential vice presidential candidate for McCain. Also, an earlier version of this article incorrectly identified Haley Barbour, he is the current governor of Mississippi.

Compiled by the U.S.News & World Report library staff

Sen. John McCain disclosed that he is in the "embryonic stages" of selecting a running mate, whom he hopes to introduce at the Republican National Convention. While he refused to disclose any names, McCain told reporters that the list is about 20 deep. Here are names we've identified in media reports (we'll update the list as we hear of more):

  • Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour
  • North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr
  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist
  • Former Arkansas Gov. and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee
  • Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.
  • Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
  • Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty
  • Former Ohio Rep. and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget Rob Portman
  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Former Massachusetts Gov. and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney
  • Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan
  • South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
  • FedEx CEO Frederick Smith
  • GOPAC Chair Michael Steele