Winter storms pull Jan. US auto sales down 3 pct.; 1st year-over-year drop in nearly 4 years

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Fay said an order to dealers to stop selling some models with heated seats had little impact in January, and shouldn't significantly affect February. On Thursday, Toyota told North American dealers to stop selling six models, including certain Camrys, with heated seats because the fabric doesn't comply with U.S. fire safety codes. The order affected 36,000 vehicles on dealer lots, about 13 percent of inventory. No fires or injuries have been reported.

Fay said he expects the cars to be fixed in about two weeks.

In Pennsylvania, Detweiler is hoping that those who didn't leave their homes during the streak of bad weather will venture out and buy in February.

"Historically, a lot of times when they're stuck in the house, they end up researching cars," he said. "Sometimes we have a good month the next month because of really bad weather."

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