Indians and leftists slam Argentina's Chevron deal

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By DEBORA REY, Associated Press

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentina's long-sought deal with Chevron Corp. to exploit shale reserves in Patagonia is being slammed by Mapuche Indians, human rights activists, environmentalists and leftists as a sellout to the United States that could drain and pollute the nation's resources.

The $1.5 billion joint venture with Chevron is the best foreign investment that Argentina could attract so far after expropriating control of the nation's YPF oil company from Spanish control last year, a move that has Grupo Repsol demanding $10 billion in compensation and threatening to sue any oil company that takes over the wells.

President Cristina Fernandez decreed that the deal would promote energy sovereignty, but many of her one-time allies said Wednesday that it does just the opposite.

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