Watch the Host of 'Catfish' Promote Online Voter Registration

Nev Schulman filmed a PSA for the millennial-friendly

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Fans of MTV’s “Catfish” know just how much time series co-creator Nev Schulman spends online. On the show, Schulman uses his Internet know-how to explore the perils of online dating and track down “catfish” – folks who fake their profiles.

Schulman is now using his status as an Internet expert to push for something more political: He’s hoping more states will start allowing voters to register online. Schulman filmed a public service announcement, released on Wednesday, for, a nonprofit that focuses on youth issues like access barriers to voting.

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“I do everything online, but there’s one thing that I can’t do online that drives me nuts: register to vote,” Schulman says in the short clip.

There currently are 15 states where people can register to vote online, and they're mainly located out West. Another four states – Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois and West Virginia – have approved online registration, but have yet to implement it. And another six states have online registration, but in a limited capacity.

That means the other half of the country still has to register to vote by, as Schulman puts it, “steal[ing] a stamp from mom’s wallet.” And that's something millennials may not do. 

“Do you know the last time that I used a stamp and envelope to send something in the mail?” he says. “Seriously. It was when I was 13, after my bar mitzvah, and I had to send thank-you notes.”