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McKeon Whacks White House Website Over Afghanistan

Nothing says "over it," like a 404 error. 

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 Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif. says the White House's neglect of Afghanistan is evident in its website, shown above.

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Retiring House Armed Service Committee Chairman Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., says he’s found proof that President Barack Obama is just not that into Afghanistan.

“At you’ll get an interactive timeline praising the end of the Iraq War,” McKeon said. “Go to and you’ll find a photo of the presidential seal hanging on a vacant podium that reads, ‘Sorry the page you’re looking can’t be found.’” 

In addition to the 404 error, McKeon noticed the White House blog hasn't been focusing on Afghanistan much either.

"[It] hasn't been updated in a blue moon," he said. "Does the White House really think they can pretend a war isn't happening?" 

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The congressman, who announced he wouldn’t be running for re-election last month, spoke Monday at a National Press Club luncheon about Afghanistan and dinged Obama for not speaking about the conflict enough.

“Traditionally, it’s right and proper that these stories come from the commander in chief, but he’s talked about Afghanistan only a handful of times during his presidency,” McKeon said. “And each time, President Obama has praised his run for the exits or pitied our wounded instead of lauding the accomplishments of our troops and the importance of the mission that they were given to fight.”

McKeon wants at least some American troops to stay in Afghanistan post-2014 to provide support in areas like intelligence and logistics.
“So that when we leave, we don’t do what happened in Iraq and leave the country to fall over and have all of the problems confronting them on a daily basis,” McKeon said. 

“Afghanistan is not going to turn into Sweden overnight,” he also noted.