Obama Group Hawks Obamacare With Cute Animals

OFA has adopted some fuzzy surrogates to sell the American public on Obamacare.

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Organizing for Action has a new batch of surrogates touting Obamacare: baby animals. On Friday an email with the subject line "Warning: Cute Animals Inside" went out to President Barack Obama’s supporters referring to the Affordable Care Act as the “Adorable Care Act.”

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"No one should ever have to choose between talking about health care reform, and sharing gratuitously cute animals online," wrote OFA’s National Organizing Director Sara Le-Amine.

The Adorable Care Act moniker has been around the Internet for awhile, as a grass roots supporter created a Tumblr account with that name in July. In September the Adorable Care Act became a Twitter handle and made its way onto Facebook. Meanwhile, the White House and OFA said they had nothing to do with pairing fuzzy animals with pro-Obamacare slogans.

But, as of Valentine’s Day, the Adorable Care Act social media handles have officially been taken over by OFA. As part of the rollout, OFA created several Adorable Care Act Valentine’s Day cards starring bears, kittens and a dog dressed as a bumblebee. “I don’t mean to badger you, but it’s time to get covered,” read one card featuring – you guessed it – a baby badger.

"You’re probably wondering: Is the answer to getting more Americans covered really just more pictures of kittens and pandas?" Le-Amine wrote in the email. "I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out."